Long ago,Moon was chief of the heavens. He commanded Spider to make a rope from sky to Earth. Fox and Blue Jay found the rope and climed up to the top where Blue Jay pecked a hole into the sky. Fox transformed into Beaver but Moon caught and skinned him, putting the skin into a smokehouse. When Moon went to sleep that night Beaver retrived his skin and put it on. Exploring the heavens he gathered cedar, fir, and pine trees, magically shrinking them so he could carry them back to Earth. He also found fire and sun, which Moon had hidden in his house. Changing again into Fox, he returned to Earth, giving his people fire and setting the sun in the sky to make daylight. When he awoke, Moon was very angry. He followed Fox's footsteps and decided to climb down the rope to catch the thief. But his weight broke the rope and he fell to Earth in a heap, making a great mountain. the trees Fox had brought back to earth became the great forests.