A panel van is a full-size commercial van. Common models are the Ford Econoline and GMC Van Dura. Unlike the passenger versions of these vans, a panel van usually has only two seats and four windows (in the driver and passenger side doors, and in the rear doors).

A panel van typically has five doors, driver's and passenger's side, one large sliding side door on the passenger side, and two back doors. A panel van is usually furnished with a plain sheet metal interior, which is well-suited for the mouting of hangers and tie-downs for tools, ladders, and equipment. Unlike a step van, a panel van does have its interior floor space interrupted by the wheel wells.

Panel vans are used widely by plumbers, electricians, and many other types of construction workers to carry their supplies and tools.

Unlike a step van, a panel van is usually not tall enough to allow a person to stand inside.

According to cbustapeck, some minivans have also been available in a panel van variety, notably the pre-1994 Dodge Caravan, Chevy Astro, and GMC Safari.