Also the title of the latest album by Alan Parsons, of Alan Parsons Project fame. Published in 1999, this album offers more of the style fans have come to love about his music: Carefully composed and arranged tracks, performed by an excellent cast of musical talent such as Ian Bairnson and other regulars.

It should be noted that there are 3 different versions of this album:

  • The Japanese Version, published first, and containing the bonus track Beginnings, an instrumental piece with words spoken by Alan himself. This track is only available on this release of the album and closes it.
  • The British/Dutch version, that includes another bonus track: Inspired by the mentioning of his name in Mike Meyers' Austin Powers II: The spy who shagged me, a remix of the title track was created featuring the voice of Dr. Evil, the Dr. Evil Edit. This release may have been available in some other European nations as well, but wasn't in some such as Germany.
  • Finally, there is the US version, which was also released in the rest of the world including parts of Europe, such as Germany. This release includes no bonus tracks whatsoever.