Remember the drops from Studio Ghibli's movie Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka)? The ones that are saved up till the last moment, and savored as the only pleasurable thing the little girl has left, and run out in the end, as well. These drops mirrored the inner state of the two protagonists in the movie, foreshadowing the final events.

Well, these drops really exist. Yep, various varieties of these tearjerkers are available for purchase right here in Japan, in the very same cans as shown in the movie. A friend of mine told me, that they must have existed for quite some time, and probably originated in the early Taisho-period, if not late Meiji.

Of course, I immediately bought some of them. They are quite nice, but nothing special, similar drops can be had all around the world, I guess. But what makes them special, is the connotation. Later, when I offered some to another friend of mine, the following discourse ensued:

  • Me: "Want some Drops?"
  • Her: "Do you want me to start crying right here on the spot or what? Put those away!"
  • Sometimes, a drop is more than just sweets...