Leaving the music connotation, Rave is also a japanese anime series airing weekly on TBS. It is based on a popular manga.


Fifty years before the time of the series, a warrior defeated the Evil force called Darkbring, but failed to destroy it fully. Darkbring shattered, and it's parts were spread all over the world. The resulting explosion also meant that Rave, the embodyment of good in the form of a sword shaped stone, shared Darkbrings fate and also dispersed around the world. This explosion, the Overdrive destroyed 10 percent of the world in the process.
(Noders note: The names in this anime are all very simple, I don't know if this is meant to be funny or just cool, to me they just sound silly, and actually turned me off the series at first. But when I started overlooking the silly names, the series turned out to be quite enjoyable).


It is now 50 years after Overdrive. Haru Glory, the main character, is a young, ambitious and goodlooking kid. He inherited a small piece of Rave, the power of good. He now sets out on a quest to reunite Rave he winds up in Hip Hip city, a town ruled by the Demon Card (Aargh, those names). Just like Haru has a piece of Rave, the Demon Card has a piece of Darkbring, the stone of evil. His mission is to destroy Rave and anyone able to wield it, meaning Haru. Hip Hip City is where Haru meets Elie, a young girl that lost her memory a year before, and can't remember anything before that time. She is searching for someone who knows her, and perhaps help her to regain her memories. They decide to travel the world together, each on their own quest, but always together.

Haru, Elie and Plue (Haru's .... pet, looking like a snow-man with a carrot nose) are pursued by the Demon Card who is mostly one small step behind or in some cases one step ahead of the heroes.


The animation level is very nice and clean, almost simple, but nicely done. The characters look like they are straight from a video game with overdimensionally large swords (Final Fantasy, anyone?) and hair that never gets messed up. Add to that a great soundtrack and you have a winner, as long as you find it within yourself to ignore those names...