The Pursuit of Happiness is one of the coolest rock and roll bands from Canada. TPOH hit the scene in 1987 with their hit song "I'm An Adult Now", and have released five albumb plus a "best of" album. They also appeared in the movie "Rock and Roll High School Forever", and did the title song for that film.

Other songs you may know by TPOH are "She's So Young" and "Cigarette Dangles". TPOH uses cool guitar riffs, catchy rhythms, and scathing lyrics about sex, food, relationships, and life in general. Definately worth checking out.

Love Junk (1988)
One Sided Story (1990)
The Downward Road (1993)
Where's the Bone? (1995)
The Wonderful World Of...(1996)
Sex and Food: The Best of TPOH (2000)