Chortling at the cruelty you bestow
Putting together the missing pieces joy
Constructing a smile out of the loophole in misery
I comprehend that’s not how you operate
I know it’s hard for you to smile
Harder for you to just be nice
I love you though I have no choice
No say in how my heart functions
I do not try to come in its way
Cause I know that the heart’s stronger
The mind needs the heart but not vice versa
The heart works just fine
Without the brains logical insight
Just feeling all that comes it way
Judging feelings and not the person, pray
I’m sorry I didn’t mean to preach
But not much harm did it do to thee
Maybe you still feel after you release
Your heart from the chains n leash
I want to look in your eyes just once
and see you not see your reflection for once
Look back into mine, feel your pupil melt
Warmth seeping till your heart
Breaking the ice cold shadow sheathe
Hope my smiles warm enough
To lighten your day, your life

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