The one candidate in the [2000 -ed.] US presidential election that would have actually changed things for the better. Unfortunately, he's not running anymore. I'll vote for him anyway.

He also was the only major candidate not afraid to express what he really thinks. George W. Bush seems to change his political affiliations weekly. I can't say I know his stances. Al Gore used to be a pro-life tobacco farmer before he realized he would never get Democratic votes that way. Both of them are really sad. They just pander to the masses instead of standing up for true beliefs.

That being said, at least Bill Clinton will be gone. Unfortunately, neither of these two clowns are the kind of man that will be able to bring back any sense of honor to the White House.

Thank you for trying, John McCain. Unfortunately no one feels ready for real change.

Update: Since ending his campaign, McCain has gone certifiably insane in an attempt to hold on to the attention of the media. I can't say I like that part of the man. His Cromwellian campaign against corruption is beginning to eat itself. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I wound up voting for Bush, once McCain threw his support behind him.