Though perhaps is is redundant to refer to any American political event as a scam, the Iowa Straw Poll is most defintely a scam. To place any signifigance on the results of this "poll" is to be mal-informed. So of course the media places a great deal of emphasis on this event. In this "poll", Republican party members gather at the Iowa State Fair to "vote" after donating a sum of money to the Republican Party of Iowa.

Bears no resemblance to anything useful - at this point in the political cycle, there has been no debate or focus on issues. The Straw Poll is merely a chance to flex some organizational muscle (how many votes you can buy, how efficiently; proceeds go to the Iowa GOP). Little more than a party pep rally - "Go Tigers! Beat Central!", accompanied by speeches saying Central's quarterback "throws like a girl" and Central's coach "can't hold his liquor". We remain scoreless.

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