Just like suicide:
  • helpfull by middlename:

    "Helpfull: 1) Something that is usefull 2) Something that assists something in something 3) Something that is required to do something"

    -"Something that is usefull" is a hilarious definition for "helpfull", but I'm sorry, it had to go. :)

  • aol by middlename:

    "A very bad isp". Killed at first sight.

  • There is no strategy in StarCraft by middlename (a repost):

    -Middlename, the tribe has spoken.

  • aeon flux by lucentshoe:

    "this feature being similar in some ways to what seems to allus happen to kenny in south park..."

    -Off-topic; inconsequential.

  • William H. Gates III by calvin_is_stupid:

    "Satan. Need I say more?" Actually, yes.

  • Sean Richardson by calvin_is_stupid:

    "Barely a person (see non-human). Takes a liking to cars, stupid bitches, 4-year-old girls, and nascar racing. Once raped a pair of small children. Emits a stench. A bone fide moron, Sean once stole a spool of copper and attempted to&recycle it for cash.

    -Yeah, I giggled, but this is probably inappropriate, eh?

  • Sean Richardson by android:

    "Do we really need this crap?" Um.... no, we don't.

  • sex with plants by calvin_is_stupid:

    "Placing your genitals in a plant and making a bit of the old in-out in-out motions. See Sean Richardson."

  • Calvin McCutcheon by calvin_is_stupid and eviltobz, respectively:

    "Calvin is what is known today as a moron. Every day, this guy re-invents the wheel, and actually *believes* that his new wheel is going to be even a tiny bit better than the existing wheel. According to him, all that really is in the way is the fact that there's a conspiracy orchestrated by various car manufacturers against him -- they, for some *unknown* reason don't want his wheel. He also smells. It's amazing that someone can take a shower and then fill up a room with incredible stench."

    "Sounds like my kinda guy."

  • stench by calvin_is_stupid and Morgan:

    "An incredibly bad smell. Often emitted by Calvin McCutcheon, 31337 h4x0rs, and Sean Richardson."

    "And teachers."

(In response to kg: I also felt nuking the user was excessive. I read all his writeups; these were the only ones I found kill-worthy)