From August 30

Father Bones needs blood to drink; I can hear his call! I must sate his thirst...

  • Why snipe must be killed by Mighty_KC and Sarahphim: (sigh)... This node is a good example of why we now have the XP system. Immature jokes about killing your friends because they "get laid much more" does not constitute a node. In my opinion, this node was more worthy of killing than snipe ever was.

  • The Big Lebowsky by Nov. 13 user FusionGyro: Poor spelling on a subject which has already been beat to death under the proper spelling.

I also /msg'ed Ninja-Lad and told him to move slight of hand to sleight of hand and have his old node nuked.

Lastly, I have contacted Nailbunny and will (in the course of the next several weeks or so) be systematically going through her writeups, helping her fix all of her poor spelling and grammar. She seemed receptive and grateful.

From August 31

Sentenced to death for crimes against humanity:

  • military boys by the AWOL sexndeath, here reprinted in its entirety: "evil". Thanks, Shakespeare. Hope you weren't too attached to that 5 XP.

  • Revolting Cocks, Bender's lone writeup: "Most cocks are very revolting". A lame attempt at trying to be funny about an already-funny band name.

  • A number of dimwitted writeups by the deranged What Me Worry:

    • He Man: "HeMan loves everything. I love Doritos. Doritos make fat people." Keen observations, pal.

    • Bwa: "The only way to start Bwa ha ha!"

    • ultimate power: "I am the Ultimate Poser^H^H^H^H^H Power in the Universe!!! Bwa ha ha!"

    • He Man is great: "Although True, simply created because I ran into a hanging link by Night Goat, not to be confused with a Night Cow."

    • corrupts: "plural of corrupt." Hate to burst your bubble, my uneducated friend, but it's the singular.

    • all women and belittling: I can't tell if these are sexist or stupid. Is there a difference?