I'm teaching an electronics class in a large lecture hall when I glance out the door and see her standing there. She looks absolutely incredible, and my mind goes blank. I dismiss the class and walk out as the students sit, confused, in their seats, as if this is some kind of joke. Smiling, I open the door and pick her up in a bear hug. As we walk, I keep stopping to hug her, over and over again.

We walk out into the rain, talking, and my mind won't stop spinning.

She came to see me.
Maybe she still feels something.
Maybe there is a chance.

Now we are back at my room. I have another class to get to, but it doesn't seem to exist to me. She is the only thing I care about.

Then it is time for her to go. I walk her out to where her family is in the car. I joke with her dad like I used to. As she comes up to give me a final hug before leaving, I pull her tight to my body and softly kiss her forehead. "Bye, honey."

What did I just do? What did I just say? I can't call her that anymore. What will she think? Will she hate me?

She just smiles and gets in the car. It pulls away, and I'm looking at my clock.

4:17 - no more sleep tonight.