Friday now… Tomorrow is Saturday, and that brings with it a party, and quite possibly more intense activity than I’m prepared for at the moment. Sunday brings a trip back to Toronto, because Monday is when the job interview is.

It’s at some TO Tech College, teaching Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and other related tools… Pays well, but it’s only part-time. And it’s in Scarborough. Feh. It is a job, though, and I imagine that teaching positions look quite well on a resume.

Ottawa is dull, otherwise. I’ve spend the lst week sitting around here… Jes and I are quite poor, and going downtown for a coffee is a fifteen dollar expense that we simply can’t afford at the moment. Bus passes are necessary for any kind of social life, I’ve decided.

I’m kinda torn over the Ottawa/Toronto thing at the moment. I like Toronto. I love Toronto. I want to be working in Toronto.

So why does it feel so shitty to be going back?

I have job opportunities here. I can get a job here, that’s not a question. I’m worried that this job in TO either isn’t going to pan out, or it’s gonna be shit, or something along those lines… And I’m going to be trapped in TO, with no money, no way of getting back to Ottawa right away, and a big fat sign saying FAILURE tattooed on my head.

I’m really quite torn.

Not to mention, Jes isn’t in Toronto. Jes had a job interview a few days ago, and will be working in Ottawa for one or two months, most likely. That’s two months of being very hungry, poor, and lonely in Etobicoke before she gets there.

I dunno if I’m prepared to do that at the moment, is the problem.


But I need to decide soon, whatever I’m going to do. Sunday approaches.