The last week has been spent in Ottawa, to spend time with Jessica on her birthday, and so that I might attend my godfather’s wedding, next weekend. The job-hunt in Toronto was going reasonably well, but obligations here forced me to take a week and a half away from TO.

TO has, however, left me a very spoiled young man. After being VIP’ed into all the ‘elite’ three-story rave clubs, having my every need or want paid for by bouncers, bartenders, managers, porn stars, DJs, club kids, or what-have-you for a few weeks, paying twenty dollars cover for a hundred-person Ottawa rave held at a yoga center can be humbling, and frustrating.

Not to say that it’s not fun, or worthwhile. It just takes some adjustments, is all.

Geoff Walls is to be married this weekend, as well. I was not invited to the ceremony, but I would like to attend the reception, as I was unable to make the bachelor party… Unfortunately, I still don’t know how late my godfather’s event is going to run, and I’d hate to ditch out on either of them… Not to mention that Jessica is obligated to be at a friend’s show the same night.

Jessica and I have been at odds again, the last few days, but not for reasons one would think. Recently, we’ve been hearing people tell stories of domestic violence in our relationship, or express concerns that there’s an element of physical aggression, or brutality… And while that’s simply not true, it explains to some degree how people have been treating us, as a couple… And it does add to any existing relationship tension.

Also to be considered, we did go out and party all weekend, and we did do that fully knowing that we’d be bitchy and catty for a few days after… I’d like to think that we’re just burned out from a weekend of fun, and we have yet to recover. I know I’m far more irritable at the moment than any other given day. I think we just both need to back off a bit, at least until our legs don’t hurt from dancing anymore. It’s easy to be snappy.

After a long conversation on the subject, an old friend and I have decided to try and revive the old role-playing sessions we used to run and/or attend. We’re going to be hosting a one-shot session this Friday, and there’ll be quite a few dollars dropped into the event. Full dress code will be in effect, food will be provided, and we have our eyes on a few gorgeous locations to be rented for the occasion.

The theme? Murder-mystery, world-of-darkness style. Yum.