Just one of the many battlegrounds in a relationship. Whomever controls the remote more or less controls what appears on the television regardless of the other persons consent to watch. The rest of this is purely from my own experience and can be safely ignored.

It will never matter who actually purchased the television or who pays the cable bill or who programmed the Universal Remote or even whose house the whole setup is located in. That television has been put there by the grace of God and the hole in your wallet for her amusement and control. For example, I bought the t.v., pay for the cable and programmed the Universal Remote but apperantly I did all of this for her benefit alone and never shall the remote and my hand meet.

Granted, there are times where it is acceptable for her to watch whatever she pleases so long as it's not Lifetime. These times tend to coincide with nights I am working late or working on other projects at home. They do not match up with times where Iron Chef, South Park, MST3k or any sort of anime is on.

Ownership of said remote falls under the Possession is 9/10s law wherein if she has the remote it is 10/10s her and when I have it is it 9/10s hers with the differance coming from the fact that it is not currently in her hands. When it is not in her hands the television should be on whatever she wants to watch anyways and when this is not the case she performs The Sulk.

If the remote is lost, she is not the one who lost it and she is not the one who is sitting on it. When it is later found that she did in fact lose it, by placing something like Glamor or Cosmo over it, then Blame Transference sets in and instead of her losing the remote it is now my fault for trying to hide the remote from her regardless of the fact that I would not touch a Glamor or Cosmo with any part of my body under any sort of consequences. My mystical teleportation abilities come into effect when she is sitting on the remote as obviously she would not sit on the remote, I had to put it there after she sat down.

If she did not control the Boob Supply and enforce a very severe embargo when her demands were not met then the whole situation could have been easily rectified.