One of the two available armies from the 1989 Kenner toy series, Mega Force.

Identifiable by their generally green color scheme and their symbol, a white triangle with a red Y over it, the Triax featured these standard vehicles, also found in the V-Roc armory:

Triax Anti-Aircraft Tanks
Triax Battle Tanks
Triax Rocket Launchers
Triax Attack Helicopters
Triax VTOL Aircraft
Triax Fighter/Bomber Aircraft

The specialized, larger Triax vehicles appear to be based around a first strike and heavy support role, featuring such vehicles as:

Tar-Traks Armored Tank Transport
XT Enforcer Mobile Aircraft Catapult
Strikemaster Orbital Attack Shuttle
Crossbolt Mobile Armored Helipad
Backlash Air Assault Deployer
Ram Fist Command Vehicle
Goliath Mobile Battle Headquarters

The Triax may not have had a single command location, as indicated by the Goliath Mobile Battle Headquarters, which was in essence a giant, land based aircraft carrier.

Given the appearent roles and creation of the Triax vehicles, along with the toy lines development time from 1987 to release in 1989, it appears that the Triax forces were modeled around the former USSR as, with their larger, assumeably slower and heavier vehicles, the Triax line bears a strong resemblence to Soviet military equipment of the time.