A long time ago, people didn't have the security of jobs, houses, law enforcement, or refrigerators. Everyday, they had to go out into the world, whether it was a forest, plain, or arctic wasteland, and find food and water while not being killed by the elements. These people went out and climbed, jumped, ran, and fought knowing that if they didn't do this properly, that was the end of them. The rapids didn't care if that girl didn't accept your invitation. The stones at the bottom of the cliff didn't care if your boss didn't like you. The wolf or mountain lion sure as hell didn't care if you felt good about yourself. They felt alive everyday, becasue they had to.

These days, most people don't live primitive lives. Many have very sheltered lives and don't feel alive because "nothing" ever happens. Go out and exercise. Being alive involves your body. Even if you are a computer geek who never played sports, just start with a treadmill and jog until your sides hurt, then run some more. (Don't forget to breathe) Imagine that you are running down antelope or running from a large predator.

Once you feel more alive, it's easier to see the life in other things. Colors are brighter (no pot necessary). Food is tastier (Have you been this hungry before?). Water more satisfying (Sooooo thirsty...) It's good for you and it may give some of you that little dose of pain you may be looking for.

Maybe this sounds a little too much like a pep talk from a washed-out high school gym teacher or coach, but I don't care, I'm pumped on endorphins.