Michael Abrash is considered one of the greatest programmers of today. With a career that spans from 1982 to today, it's no wonder why he's so famous. His claims to fame include writing the Graphics Programming Black Book and assisting John Carmack in Quake and Doom. He was a former mentor of John Carmack, another game programming legend. In fact, Carmack considers Abrash to rival his own programming talent. Michael Abrash also helped to develop the Microsoft XBox.

Here is a list of books for which Michael Abrash has partial credit:
1984 - IBM PCJR Graphics
1985 - IBM PCJR User's Guide

Here is a list of books written by Michael Abrash:
1989 - Power Graphics Programming
1990 - Zen of Assembly Language
1994 - Zen of Graphics Programming
1994 - Zen of Code Optimization
1996 - Zen of Graphics Programming, Second Edition
1997 - Graphics Programming Black Book

Finally, a list of games for which Michael Abrash has partial (and full) credit:
1982 - Space Strike
1982 - Snack Attack II
1982 - Cosmic Crusader
1983 - Big Top
1993 - Doom
1995 - The Ultimate Doom
1996 - Quake
1998 - Half-Life
1999 - Half-Life (Game of the Year Edition)
2000 - Motocross Madness 2
2000 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000
2000 - Half-Life: Platinum Collection
2001 - Serious Sam: The First Encounter