A Cable Monkey is a person, often an intern or student system administrator, whose second duty is to run cable (power, twisted pair, what have you) from one part of the machine room to the other. In nifty setups, this involves removing floor tiles, which allows access to the sub-floor and the cabling beneath. It is arranged as follows:
                     |             |
                     |  Machine    |
                     |             |           
    |        |        |  o     |        | Duct sp|ace     |
oooo|oooooooo|oooooooo|oo      |        |        |        |
is a cable
is a floor tile
is a floor tile intersection piece
is a pole supporting the raised floor tile structure
is the actual floor
Today, it was my turn as the student system administrator present, to play cable monkey. I was to move two power cables from where they were currently located to a new location.
Let me tell you, pulling cable is very, very annoying. The fact that the tiles are removable is nice, but it's still annoying. The cables get caught on other cables, support pipes, other pipes, or get twisted up under the floor. Laying cable under a floor, on the other hand, is a breeze. That was actually kind of fun.