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A NOC, or a data center is a large, windowless building housing hundreds of pieces of servers and networking gear. They make up the backbone of the internet, and they are everywhere. This is a collection of pieces about data centers, the labor therein, the people who work there, and things found inside of the howling madness of Internet infrastructure. It's a hard NOC life keeping the tubes clear and the data flowing.

1 data center (idea) Yonder writeup
2 Data center games (idea) Yonder writeup
3 Fun things to do with a raised floor   e2node
4 Run Silent, Run Deep (thing) Yonder writeup
5 The Midnight Server Shuffle & Colo Club (idea) The Custodian writeup
6 The Vax Man Cometh (idea) wertperch writeup
7 They who monitor the Internet (place) Smarmy writeup
8 blinkenlights (idea) Jargon writeup
9 An Ode to the NOC (thing) dischord writeup
10 Big yellow cable finder (thing) troyrock writeup
11 Floor puller toss (idea) Yonder writeup
12 floor puller (thing) mrichich writeup
13 raised floor (thing) Zorin writeup
14 Data center curling (idea) Yonder writeup
15 Floor tile (thing) Yonder writeup
16 Cable Monkey (person) Trelane writeup
17 Laying cable under a floor (idea) Trelane writeup
18 Pharmacology and the NOC (idea) Auspice writeup
19 On Working Graveyard Shift (thing) Lucy-S writeup