As an electrician who professionally installs lighting I have to disagree rather profoundly with Luquid in the writeup above. What he is complaining about is older flourescent lighting systems. (see fluorescent lighting) Modern systems with electronic ballasts operate at 60,000 Hz. No one is quick enough to catch that flicker. Nor is the color balance problem inherent. All his employers need to do is choose different bulbs.

I make no objection to the suggestion of inverted halogen lighting, or other methods. But it is not necessary to change from a fluorescent. The ballasts can be changed. Bulbs are easy, and changing both is a part of routine maintenance. Electronic ballasts will save his employer's money, because they are more efficient.

Fluorescent lighting has come a long way in recent times. Today they can offer pleasant and natural lighting, at low cost. An old or bad application is the real complaint.