Well, for the last little while my life has primarilly consisted of climbing and working. Work has been pretty good, but the climbing in the last week has been even better!

On Monday evening my climbing partners and I bouldered on Buffalo Rub Rock (a.k.a Crater Rock), where we pretty much solved a corner problem we had been working on for a while. On Tuesday we were in the boulding wall in the basement of the University, and on Wednesday we rested.

On Thursday we planned to go to Barrier Mountian, but there was a G8 related road block on highway 40, so it was a good thing we had planned to go the Heart Creek in case Barrier was inaccessable. Thursday was awsome; I lead a 5.10c without falling, which is the hardest grade I've ever done that on. I was able to come up with a solution to the crux of a 5.11c, but I was on a top rope and fell off of it a lot.

On Friday, we left work early (~ 1:30) and when to White Buddha. I fell off both a 5.10a and a 5.10c quite a bit, and after doing those two, we went to find some bouldering. White Buddha is primarily a bouldering area anyway. The one other pair there showed us a problem, which we worked on for the remainder of the evening.

Pictures and movies for the curious are at http://www.enel.ucalgary.ca/~biffard, which is my climbing partener's site. He bought a digital camera, so we've been quite enthusiastic about putting it to good use.