I climb a clocktower made of red brick. I look around and see a beautiful view of a building in the distance. I must take a picture of it. It has almost stopped raining, so it is safe to use the camera. I swing around and take the camera from my father, who has climed an adjacent clocktower. But when I look through the viewfinder I can't find the building I had meant to take a picture of. Suddenly I become incredibly scared of heights. I become very ridgid. I can't move a muscle for fear of falling.

If I tell my dad he could get a fire engine out here and they could raise a ladder up to me. But that's way too much trouble. I decide to wait it out. I hope my legs don't get weak.

While waiting for the fear to pass I continue looking for the building, but without the aid of the camera. I can see crisp, clean detail of the various buildings, squares, and people off in the distance. I think I see the building I was looking for, but I am still afraid to move, so I can't take the picture.

NOTE: Please follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations.

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