Went to visit my Mum and my niece today. Mum fed us steaks, which was really nice, since we never eat T-bones at home, just the occasional pan fry steak, which really doesn't compare. My sister wasn't there, to the relief of my girlfriend (my sister can be.... moody). Also visited my girlfriends parents, who fed us roast beef and French onion soup (I am a French onion soup virgin no longer, with various regrets; an acquired taste (texture) perhaps).

I finished the book I was reading this evening, a comic novel entitled "Emotionally weird," which in this case may apply to the reader as much as to the protagonist and her nonmother (read the book for an explanation of that one). It was enjoyable, much different than my normal fare. Sci-fi and fantasy pale somewhat to what can be done when the reader can assumed to be familiar with the setting and terminology. Sci-fi sometimes focuses too much on developing a setting and neat things to go in it, rather than interesting characters. Oh well.

On Saturday, we went downtown to the Globe Cinema to see The Shipping News. It was very good, very funny in places, and also very dark, but done in such a way so as not to be schizophrenic about it. I really liked it, but I have read that others do not. I haven't read the book, but it's going on my reading list. I'm almost glad I didn't read the book before seeing the film, as I usually prefer too. This movie stands well by itself; having read the book first would probably have me nitpicking it to death, which would have taken all of the fun out if it. I certainly think there have been worse movie adaptations (Congo, Sphere, not to pick on Michael Crichton or anything). Favorite quote: "dog on fire!", said by Bunny when Quoyle's hot dog catches fire as he is roasting it over an open flame. I've never seen a hot dog so completely consumed as that one, but that's what you get for not paying attention to your cooking I suppose.

We walked out of The Shipping News at about 9:00 pm, looked across the street at the Uptown, and saw that Amelie was playing at 9:30. I had heard that it was good, but I really didn't know much more about it than that, but I wanted to see it anyway. Yup, Amelie is a really good movie.

I really identified with the title character, in a way I've never identified with a character before. I've always find myself picking out parts of myself in characters, but this is a character I identified with in a big way. I never had a heart condition to keep me away from the other kids; I just managed to keep myself away all on my own. Like Amelie I usually feel like more of an observer of life than a participant in it.

Anyway, Amelie has made me think about life and lots of stuff. It's good.

Together with Ghost World, which we saw last weekend, I guess I've been developing a taste for smaller scale art house type films, although I suppose you could argue that all three were pretty mainstream. Just as well too; we were able to see both The Shipping News and Amelie for about the same as we would have paid for one movie at say Famous Players. Mmmm, student discount baby.

I heard the Barenaked Ladies song "babyseat" a day or three ago. My girlfriend has owned the CD for ages, but I've never had the opportunity to listen to it until she put it in when we were in the car one day. Although we didn't get to the babyseat track, I though it was worthy of ripping and adding to heavy rotation in my playlists. I heard babyseat after stepping out of the shower one morning and though to myself, what the hell, I've never heard this song before... hey it's really good! Now I can't get it out of my head. I'm sure it will go away soon. I'll get sick of it soon I'm sure.

I want a banana.

Hmm, a snow storm seems to have developed. Didn't see that coming. I sometimes have a cup of decaf in the evening. Tonight I brewed up a cup, sat down and read my book, finished the cup, thought I'd have another, so I went to make it and I noticed that I had accidentally made a cup of real coffee. No wonder it tasted so good! So I'm up really late tonight. Good thing I don't have to get up until eight tomorrow.