The Non-Prophets are an independent hip hop group from Rhode Island in the USA. Sage Francis (MC) and Joey Beats (Producer) are the two core members; however, DJs like MF Shalem B and DJ Perseus often do work on the turntables for them. Also, rappers such as Vocab from Sage's TSS crew appear on songs with them.

While a lot of Sage Francis' music can be dark and a bit on the artsy side, often veering into spoken word poetry, the calling card of the Non-Prophets is their more upbeat, party rocking sound. Songs like "Drop Bass" and "Bounce" are certified head nodders, and Sage usually finishes off his show with "Bounce" just to leave the crowd extra hyped up. There has been no full length release by the Non-Prophets at this point, so all we can do is hope and wait. They do, however, have at least one or two singles out, including the single for "All Word No Play"; also, Non-Prophets' songs can be found on Sage Francis' CD compilations (also known as the Sick of Waiting series).

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