Beer Magnet

It's a lovely little bit of plastic used to hold papers and important notices on my refrigerator. It was a gift from a friend from many years ago and still expresses it's elegance in a beer glass looking shape. It sparkles in the kitchen lighting and sometimes I think it winks at me as I walk by. It's got about a 1/4-inch head on it, complimented by a yellow looking beer color below it. The mold for the glass wasn't perfect, but that doesn't matter to me. What's inside is the only thing counts.

The magnet seems to give off a wonderful feeling as I open the fridge to cure my thirst. The cool beverage that I choose seems to taste better because of my beer magnet. Some of my friends try to offer me liquid refreshments from their refrigerators, but I know immediately it won't be the same to my taste buds. One day...all who seek refrigerated drinks will have much better taste experiences. The only way to change our current societal depression and overall discontent with cool drinks is to strike at the heart. The heart of their refrigerators, that is, and with a festive Beer Magnet.