Some takers of Clomipramine, a drug marketed under the brand name Anafranil by Ciba Pharmaceuticals, have experienced yawn-induced orgasms as a side effect.

Anafranil, which is prescribed for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders, has been available in the United States for more than five years.

Obsessive-compulsive disorders are persistent and repetitive behaviors, such as constant hand washing, that result from obsession.

Linda Mayer, a spokeswoman for Ciba Pharmaceuticals, could not quantify the number of "yawngasm" reports. "We don't really have specific numbers, other than our medical department has said it is rare," Mayer said.

--- Christine Kosovac, in the Penn State University's "Collegian" newspaper

So there ya go. You can either wash your hands into a pulp, claim you have OCD and ask to be prescribed Anafranil. Or jerk off.