Synchroncity is not magical, it's not mystical, and it's not due to quantum mechanics. A specific coincidence doesn't offer any more insight into the Universe than any other act of valuation, because meaning doesn't exist outside of that act of valuation.

How many coincidences happen that you don't notice, because they don't mean much to you? How many times have you thought of a friend, and the phone didn't ring? You don't keep track of those - it's the coincidences that mean something which trigger your memory, so over time, the 'meaning' in the Universe appears to increase.

Synchronicity, however, does offer insight into statistics.

The reason we experience Synchronicity is because there are so many possible ways that unusual coincidences could happen, that it is far more probable that some will happen, than for none of them to happen, ever.

Like the human propensity for recognizing faces easily, our minds find patterns which don't exist in the events themselves. Attributing meaning to coincidences is a mirror-spell: an illusion which tells us only about ourselves, and what we consider meaningful, like Tarot or Astrology.