Kooler Than Jesus is the title track of the EP released in 1990 by the ever-controversial My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. The EP included Kooler Than Jesus and Devil Bunnies, but when it was released on CD, tracks from their earlier EP "Some Have To Dance... Some Have To Kill" were added on, making it almost a compilation of the two EPs. The final track list for the CD version:

  1. Kooler Than Jesus
  2. Devil Bunnies
  3. Nervous Xians
  4. The Devil Does Drugs
  5. First Cut
  6. Shock of Point 6
  7. Resisting the Spirit

Kooler Than Jesus is also one of the two tracks on My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult's album "Confessions of a Knife" that make this album truly a must have for the early 90's industrial/gothic fan. The other essential track is The Days of Swine and Roses of course. The album was released in 1990, and this song was a minor club hit, but never really made it mainstream. The lyrics for this song are only faintly interesting. This song centers on the last of the three themes of TKK, which are sex, drugs, and anti-Christianity. They are noded here for the curious, not those seeking enlightenment. It's the protoindustrial sound combined with the funky bass lines of TKK that makes the song worth owning.

Kooler than Jesus?
I don't believe you're listening
Kooler than Jesus?
Hey!  We gonna jump up and we go crazy a little for you all
Kooler than Jesus?
"I was raised in Mississippi"
"I am the electric messiah, the AC/DC god!"
Kooler than Jesus?
You know darn well that they're just manipulating you and that's all that they're doing...
All right all right all right everything
Come on baby you can do it
Isn't that nice?
Kooler than Jesus?
Kooler than... God.
I don't believe you're listening
Alright now look at me
I said look at me don't turn your face away
I'm the looking glass you created to see yourself in
Kooler than Jesus?
Have you taken leave of your senses?
Satan Satan
Don't listen to them
Somebody's lying and it's not me
You're twisting my words!

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