Don't Tell a Soul: The Replacements 1989 Sire
  1. Talent Show
  2. Back To Back
  3. We'll Inherit The Earth
  4. Achin' To Be
  5. They're Blind
  6. Anywhere's Better Than Here
  7. Asking Me Lies
  8. I'll Be You
  9. I Won't
  10. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost
  11. Darlin' One

Ah yes. The most hated album of the Mats' career. It actually isn't a bad album, when compared to a lot of the drek out there, but as far as the Replacements go, after coming off the high of Pleased to Meet Me, this just doesn't compare. It's too adult, too polished--too un-Mats like. But who am I to judge? The album does boast of two bonafide classics--"I'll Be You" and "Achin' to Be," as well as the fun "Talent Show," the Stonesy romp of "I Won't," the still-heartbreaking paean "Rock 'N' Roll Ghost" and the closest thing to a power ballad I'll ever listen to ("Darlin' One"). Unfortunately it also contains "We'll Inherit the Earth" and "They're Blind," which are so treaclely that I don't even want to discuss them.

This is arguably the Replacements' true swan song, as their final album--the (IMHO) superior All Shook Down--was intended to be Paul Westerberg's first solo album, but ended up with the band's name on it instead.

Is this one worth owning? Yes if you're a fan; no if you're not. (So of course I own it.)