Today is May Day, or Beltane. One of the great Celtic/European Fire Festivals. It is also, by the declaration of somebody or other, International Workers' Day. Today, therefore, the workers will try to get to work and work, while the so-called Anarchists and their valiant leaders try to break stuff. Also present will be a large number of sincere anti-globalisation demonstrators, some of whom will probably be injured by either the rioters, or the police, or potentially both.

One anarchist, challenged on a recent Channel 4 News about the dangers of flying broken glass to the employees of Mc Donald's, claimed that there was no such thing as flying broken glass, a claim which I sure any number of bomb survivors would love to discuss with him.

To save the world, improve it. Destruction only empowers the well-protected.

Mottoes for the day:

Vae Victis!
Liberty, equality, fraternity or death!

And my own suggestion for today's anthem: Jerusalem, by Blake. Read it carefully. (And think of an idealised Jerusalem, not the current shambles.) Here is a call to peaceful protest against child labour, pollution and all the other evils of capitalism.