Black Box were a dance music band in Europe in 1989 with the song "Ride on Time". The song - not one I like much - is a lot of big piano chords matched with big female vocals singing "Walk right in cos' you ride on time, ride on time". The vocals were mostly sampled from a disco song by diva Loleatta Holloway; the black Dutch girl who appeared to be singing in the video (whilst wearing blue lipstick) was lip-synching. Unusually, Loleatta Holloway went to the lengths of suing Black Box and won damages for the unauthorised sampling of her voice.

Black Box released a few other songs, including "I Don't Want Anybody Else", which, to my ears anyway, sounds a bit less dated now than "Ride on Time", and an album called "Dreamland". However, none of these achieved similar chart success. Although the term wasn't used at the time, Black Box have since been described as leading exponents of a genre called "Disco House".