I wake up early this morning and continue with the ongoing habit of my life. For my life is made of habit, and I get grumpy if its changed. Most people must have some kind of habit built up in their daily lives, for if the average person wakes up not knowing where they shall go, or what they shall do, they will most certainly go insane. I am one of these people.

My continuous habit of life at this current time is so: I wake up with my body tired and sore from baseball practice from hell the night before. I am suffering from sleep deprivation because school starts earlier than should be legal and and the amount of homework I have is enough to keep Einstein up all night. In a daze I go to school, and while I have my first period free (yay!) I spend the rest of the day listening to teachers talk about things I'm not interested in, and doing work that will in no way help me in my future. I feel as if I'm in living in American Beauty or Being John Malkovich , trapped underwater with the surface just above but somehow I cannot penetrate it. Then, of course there is baseball practice. One torturous hour of running and doing "crunchies" until my eyes pop from their sockets and my limbs fall to the floor followed with another two hours of catching crazy pitchers. The continuous squatting metamorhphoses me into a ball of lard and bruises from what once was I'd like to think a fairly intelligent human being. Then I go home, node all night, and sleep. I wake up and the cycle of monotony is repeated again and again. I do not know or care how boring and predictable this habit of my life has become. I'm half asleep anyway and I am comforted that my life is planned out for me. Maybe someday I will habitate my way out of this recurring nightmare and become the kind of citizen society wants me to be, at least as preached by Ms. Bias in my American Government class. But for now, my life is that of a high school student.