The best preserved Georgian square in Dublin, Ireland.

The Square is really a rectangular garden designed in the style of the early 19th century. It is intensely manicured, but manages to maintain a natural feel, which is the biggest selling point of gardens in the Georgian tradition.

Every Sunday multitudes of artists display their work and offer it for sale along the outside fence of the Square. Most of the art is quite mediocre, but real gems are known to sometimes be found.

On sunny afternoons the lawns look like a very civilized rock concert - the area around the Square is non-residential, so all the cheap suits come to have lunch on the grass.

Oscar Wilde spent some of his childhood in a house opposite one corner of the Square (now American College, Dublin), and so that corner is dedicated to his memory, with a statue of the man himself sitting extremely uncomfortably on a rock and making a face that can only be described as constipated.

Ironically, it is situated right next to the public lavatory. Oscar would have died laughing.