Oh, and guys - Always pour the wine for the lady.

Er, no. Most upscale and even middle of the road restaurants these days will pour a taste of the wine for the person who ordered it, male or female - unlike old fashioned times when it was always the man. So, even if it was a joint decision but the woman happened to ask for the bottle, she will most likely be the one presented with it to inspect the label etc. She is now the bottle "owner", as it were, and it would be considered quite rude to snatch up the bottle and pour her wine for her.

Anyway, in really nice restaurants, the waiting staff will hover round you ready to refill your glass - so it's not much of a problem.

A note on the tasting of wine - it's not to determine whether you like it or not. It's just to make sure it's not off. So if you order an expensive bottle of wine and, having tasted it, you hate it, don't send it back. It's a loss for the restaurant, and even though most good ones will swallow the bitter pill, it's not fair to saddle them with the cost of one's ignorance...