Prohibition in the modern world.

Who are these fuckers who vote?
Are they all in their Seventies?
Ban Same-Sex Marriages.
Make sure drugs laws stay rough and tough.
Eliminate smoking anywhere some sensitive person might catch a stray whiff.
Oh, but make sure we have a lottery there in Tennessee.
Everyone is Seventy.
Wake up America.
Wake up before it is too late.

Next year if I want to have a smoke with my beer
I'll have to go drink in a SICKHOLE.


Anytime you want to smoke when you are out in Florida starting in 2003 you'll have to go to a dirty little room filled with toothless old men and sickly old ladies while they chain smoke their way through a pack of Pall Malls and tell you about how they got fucked over by Eisenhower.


The world is progressing nicely. America leads the way! Follow our lead, little tin soldiers. Lets go flex some muscle abroad while we ask the government to protect our wimpy homefront population. Protect us o' government! Protect us from ourselves! Protect us from queers! Protect us from cigarette smoke! Protect us from mistreated pregnant pigs! Protect us from bad people who look at us funny! Protect us from crazy drug fiends! Protect our children! Protect our grandparents! Protect the little girl with asthma. We need to pass a constitutional amendment to make pollen illegal! Jesus, why did any of us bother to get out of the crib? We might as well climb back now.

Are you over Seventy?
Do you vote?
Can we change your colostomy bag for you?

The problem with the general attitude amongst voters in the United States is that they don't grasp the concept of what they are voting for. People vote and don't care about the particular issue in question and vote for something they figure is a pretty good idea. Eventually it will come around to something they care about and then they will be upset because the people who aren't concerned aren't helping them out. Criminalize everyone who isn't a mindless cog in the machine because we never get rid of laws, we just add more. Follow the guidelines set out for you by powerful self-interest groups. The individual voice doesn't matter much when millions can be invested by groups who stand to profit from passing laws of prohibition. It is all about the bottom line. Don't fool yourself. Marketing wins elections, from the candidates to the ballot questions. The slow death of critical thinking is reaching its zenith. Tune in next year when it becomes illegal to do anything other than shop at Pier One Imports while wearing an outfit that is judged pleasing to the eye and non-offensive to anyone. I'm sorry, the heel on those shoes is too high. You are a danger to yourself and others. Look at that poor wimpy kid. She was traumatized by her mom falling down in high heels so we have to protect her... we're pushing a ballot initiative on it next month...

I have to go now.
I only have a few months until I have to smoke in a fucking