Amount of people: Greater than 3
Difficulty: Easy

Bus Stop is a wildly popular Drama class game. It requires greater than three people and works best with about eleven people.

The objective of the game is to improvise a role and play that role out in a makeshift bus stop. The bus stop is made up of three chairs, and as the game starts all three are filled. Each person must act as if they are at the bus stop, and each one acts as if they have a quirk, whether it be physical, psychological, or otherwise.

The quirk could be blindness or hysteria, or it could be more concrete, such as the person acting as if he is hiding a bomb or have a suitcase full of money. He must interact with each other person and improvise.

After awhile (this can be gauged by an observer or just determined by the person), the person on the last seat leaves, the next person moves up, and a new person enters.

This repeats until there are no more people left or until everyone gets sufficiently bored.

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