Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted as much as I used to. There are two reasons. First I put an offer in in on a house, and I've been packing and getting mine ready to sell. Second, I've been writing a novel.

The Book seems to be going well. I changed it from third to first person, and have written somewhere between 50-65,0000 words in the last few weeks. But everything else has ground to a halt. They turned me down for financing because although I've gotten regular overtime it doesn't count. They guy who prequalified me was very generous and now I'm finding out he was too much so. Then today I came home and heard a recorded message from our CEO. The company has been bought out by a competitor. We all know what that means. The early stockholders cashed out, and many or most of the people working for my company will soon be getting our pink slips. So maybe it's best I'm stuck in ReBiltmore. And on top of that, somebody hit my minivan, ran and now it has a bent rear axle, effectively totaling it. There are the times when I really envy Ned Stark.

So for right now 2013 is starting out as the Year of the Epic Suck. On the other hand I have seen people on this site face far more difficult problems than I with courage and determination. Mine can be solved, but on a day like this only a couple stiff drinks will do.

Yesterday I tendered my resignation from my job.

I've been working here 7 years and a couple of months. Long run. The company I joined is long gone; the company I enjoyed a couple years after joining up is gone, too. Some have made staggering amounts of money in the process as the company moved forward. I wasn't one of them. :-) Now, we're a midsized company which needs to be an enterprise but which is obsessed with pretending we're still a startup.

Yeah, that's not a good thing.

Also, the job I joined up to do has mostly vanished. I held on to try to guide the team I ended up on, but it became clear that management and I had different priorities and directions - and in that case, it's always time to fold one's tent and gracefully steal away into the night. So I am.

I don't presently have another job. I have been talking to folks, and looking at stuff, but at present, I'm not employed. So we'll see.

I do have to take 2 weeks of paid time off in a week or so, to 'finish out' my time. So maybe I'll get some writing done!

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