Here is a tale of heroes,
and a tale of mystery.
A tale of lively fellows,
and a tale of tragedy.
A tale of green marshmallows,
and a botched vasectomy.
I'd hate to blow the ending,
since it involves ten thousand sheep,
so here's the tale of Mr Gellows,
and The Bus Driver of the Deep!

Mr Gellows lived in Oxford,
with his wife and family.
He worked shifts at the steel mill,
but now the steel mill's history.
He tried to buy them groceries,
but sadly food is never free.
So his family went and left him,
and so he travelled to the sea...

In just a few more hours,
Mr Gellows found the beach.
The sand was hot and dirty,
and he almost burnt his feet.
He walked into the water,
To relieve the burning heat,
which led to his chance encounter,
with a fish called Meryl Streep.

After he had talked to Meryl,
for a minute and a week,
he walked a little further,
to the deepest he could be.
Where octopi and dolphins,
sing and dance and eat,
and orangutans and elephants,
drown, as they can't breathe.

Mr Gellows made some friends,
and had forgot his family.
He knew the names of starfish,
and he lived in the coral reef.
He listened to the whales as,
they snored when fast asleep,
but after two whole months he,
grew tired of the sea.

He waited at the bus stop,
where the fishes all would peep,
at his bowler hat and,
his fins, which once were feet,
and after four long hours,
the bus pulled in the street,
and Mr Gellows got on board and,
bought a ticket, took his seat.

And then he started talking,
to the Driver Of The Deep.
They had a lot in common,
so Mr Gellows liked to speak,
of chips, and sauce, and gravy,
green marshmallows, and their sheep.
They drove along and chatted,
about this, and that, and Keith.

When they reached their destination,
they both were sad to part.
Mr Gellows said a long farewell,
and he meant it from the heart.
It is hard to be a friend when,
you live so far apart,
But Mr Gellows and The Driver,
liked each other from the start.

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