I can't really remember my dreams. It's strange because in the dreams I dreamt that I was dictating my dreams to Matthew McConnaughy (don't know if that's how you spell it) who was writing about the dreams so I wouldn't forget about it, but at the same time I was already forgetting what happened.

I was going to a new school, maybe a new University. I was going there with my friend Nici and Chris. It was the first day so there was a party welcoming the 1st year students. The party was being held on the roof of the newly built addon of the playdium in Metrotown. There was a room that you had to get into, but the only way you could do that was to jump onto something that looked like those steering things on the back of a small boat that you just hold on to to direct the direction of the boat. The thing is it sits on a platform in the middle of the air, you had to jump to it. It wasn't a very far jump, there were stairs surrounding it. You had to pull the steer back and it would open the ceiling leading to another room that eventually leads to the roof. Well everytime I did it, people would quickly jump through the ceiling like taking a free ride or something, but I didn't really care, they just annoyed me because they were so loud.

At one point or other in the dream I was wandering around and I eventually got lost, I ended up in Pacific Center and I called Chris who began to look for me because he asked me where I was and I said I couldn't find the way back. I went around and asked people how to get back to Metrotown because somehow it was just across the street or something. Chris finally found me but then he didn't know the way back either, we both had a faint idea and finally one of the ladies that was working told us some clue. You had to go through some door in the direction of Metrotown to get there. We found a door that led out into the street and we went through that but we ended up in an apartment building and there were these mysterious men coming in our direction. They were all dressed up in suits and looked rather evil, they ignored us thankfully and we continued walking down the hallway. We noticed one of the doors to be open and we looked in, we were kind of freaked out because it was a murder scene so we just continued walking and decided to try not looking into other rooms. We reached the door that lead to the stairs and we climbed to the top, always having the fear that the people we saw earlier were following us, or were looking for us now because we saw the murder. We finally found a door that led out and we ended up on the roof. We could see the party on top of another building not far away, just across the street.

I was thinking about how we were going to get there, and I tried to fly, like in my other dreams but I didn't seem to have enough energy to keep it up. Chris suggested we do what they did in the Matrix and I was like yeah I can do that, because even if I did start to fall I could use my flying powers to let me stay up until I landed on the other side. So that's what we did and we got to the party but it was ending now, and the people I really wanted to talk to were already gone.

I was in my kitchen getting some food, my family was having a party with a bunch of my relatives that we haven't seen for awhile. One of the girls came up to me and took my food, I got angry but I just let it go, she kept talking to me but I can't remember what she was saying, I was just annoyed with her. The little girl then disappeared (she was little, but she was my age). I remember worrying if the doors to the bedrooms were open or closed upstairs because I had the suspicion of the little girl going up to the bedrooms and taking things since she has done that in the past. When the little girl came back down she looked angry and pissed off, I went to the bottom of the staircase in the house and was happy to see all the doors were closed and locked.

It was the end of the party and everyone was leaving, the timeline and clothes suddenly changed. It was like the westerns or 18th century England? Well the little girl was wearing an earring and she took it off and said that she was the rightful heir to something because she had the earring. She claimed it was a real diamond and I stopped her from saying anymore. I got Matthew to fetch the earring in my room that my mother had entrusted to me to keep so she wouldn't lose it. He came back, and gave me the ring while I took hers. They looked identical but I did the test with diamonds. I used my earring and scratched her earring deeply while when I did it the other way around her earring couldn't scratch mine.

I got angry and told her how dare she try to fake the family heirloom and then try to claim that she was the heir. I exiled her from the family, and did not allow her to communicate with her parents or anyone else from the family and sent her away. But she complained and said she didn't have anywhere to go, and I said that it was her problem, she should have thought about it before she did this.