Adema is a nu-metal band that formed in the California Central Valley, the same place that spawned KoRn. Adema play a very hard but melodic and emotional kind of nu-metal, which resembles that of KoRn. One of the lead singer's biggest influences is KoRn's Jonathan Davis, his half - brother. He actually told Chavez that he wasn't good enough. But Chavez was the kind that if he wanted something, he would go for it. And he did. While most other nu-metal bands try to make people depressed and try to convince them that life isn't worth living, Adema tend to the opposite, convincing fans that life isn't that bad. They were once signed to KoRn's Enementree records.

Band Members

  • Tim Fluckey (Guitar): Before becoming a musician, he played basketball. He is 6"10'. Played in a band called Juice before becoming an Adema member. He is 27 years old. He was born on 1 / 23 / 74. He is from Illinois.
  • Mike Ransom (Guitar): Before joining Adema, he was in the band Mento Buru. His date of birth is 4 / 12 / --
  • Dave DeRoo (Bass): Played bass for Juice, along with Tim. Also was involved with another band called SexArt. He is 27 years old. He is from Bakersfield, CA.



Release date: August 21, 2001

Track Listing

  1. Everyone. Track time: 3:29
  2. Blow It Away. Track time: 3:02
  3. Giving In. Track time: 4:34
  4. Freaking Out. Track time: 3:35
  5. The Way You Like It. Track time: 3:39
  6. Close Friends. Track time: 3:24
  7. Do What You Want To Do. Track time: 3:00
  8. Skin. Track time: 3:23
  9. Pain Inside. Track time: 3:29
  10. Speculum. Track time: 3:32
  11. Drowning. Track time: 3:26
  12. Trust. Track time: 4:21

Record label: Arista

An EP is set to be released later this year.

Thanks to Czarkhan for some help.