"So kick back, relax, and ponder this: where are all the good men dead? In the heart, or in the head?"
- D. Newbury, Grosse Pointe Blank

Today, reading about my President's latest attempt to paper over his firm belief that he is on some form of holy Crusade, I found myself asking the above question.

That's not the only reason I was asking it, however. Since the other is a purely personal one, well, it's daylog for this one, I suppose. The other reason concerns mistakes made, oh, long ago, when I believed I had all the time I needed or would want. Mistakes that came back to haunt, rightfully, me; I don't know if me alone, but - in my recent realizations - I sure hope so.

What they were weren't important. What happened isn't important. None of this is, really, especially compared to the cauldron into which so many are about to be thrown. I'm not saying I don't think the upcoming Great Unpleasantness isn't called for - for I do, in fact, believe that this fight is one that needs to happen. I also, of course, believe that it needs to happen because the current Great Leader and his Da couldn't finish a task to save their lives. But that's not for now, I suppose.

Nope. Now I have to ask myself - should I acknowledge it was a mistake? That I know it was a mistake? That I regret it, probably most each and every day? I could, of course. Now that I've paid a price, I can, in fact, speak out. But I have to ask myself: why? Why would I do so?

Because it needs to be said? Nothing 'needs to be said,' ever. Whoever tells you this is lying. What they mean is 'I need to say this.'

Is that a good enough reason to disturb what tranquility I have? I don't know.

Of course, the other possibility - is this sense or cowardice?

I'll have to ask myself that one day, I suppose.

And thus, tomorrow or this week, my country goes to war, and an opportunity for disaster or redemption slips past me, laughing whispers in the wind. I can't help but feel I didn't say enough both now and then.

Where, then, is this man dead? Both in the heart and in the head?