A quick update. We're still in Stawell, Victoria. The weather has been near-uniformly crappy since we got here. We had hoped it would break today, but when we walked up to the top of Observation Hill this morning at 8, it was clear the answer was "nnnnope." Low clouds, fog, rain showers (although ironically we were in the middle of a patch of clear blue sky that was about 10 miles across, everything around the horizon was down to the deck).

So - today, we're going to hitch a ride over to Hall's Gap to the zoo, and see if we can get clambered on by animals. Probably not, but at least we'll see them! Then we'll prep tomorrow to get out of here to somewhere - probably not Sydney area, as it will be raining in Sydney by then, but maybe somewhere north enough that we're out of the weather coming off the Great Australian Bight and over Adelaide.

This is the down side of VFR flying, especially when travelling - you're at the mercy of the weather. But we got to complete the tour, so even if all that I get to do from here is take the airplane home, it's still a win! And we have another 5 or 6 days before we have to be back in Sydney.