Buck Godot (Zap gun for hire) is a series of comic books and graphic novels written by Phil Foglio, of What's New? with Phil and Dixie fame. It is the adventures of the title character, who is a private eye based on the planet of New Hong Kong where there is no Law. Along with his trusty zapgun 'Junior' and his cronies Asteroid Alvin (proprietor of Asteroid Al's Space Bar and Grille) Spug, and the ultrasexy madam Louisa dem Five, Buck generally works to keep things just below a destructive level of chaos. I highly recommend it.

Where else can we learn about the erotic activities that go on inside the Velvet Fist, or how a multi-million person group mind deals when one of its nodes gets hammered? The mind boggles.

There are three Buck Godot collections out there at the moment - and by 'collection' I mean a tradebound graphic novel as opposed to classic newsprint comic books. They are, in order of publication and also of story time:

Although the series was available for reading online between 2007 and 2015 or so, it appears the Foglios have brought down Airship Entertainment, the website on which it was hosted. Hopefully, they will be putting it back up soon. The Gallimaufry was finally published as a colorized trade when they finished posting it to that website, so all should be available. If you can't find them on Amazon, you can check Girl Genius - the Foglio's other long-running webcomic. The Buck Godot titles are sometimes listed in the book sales site.