House dance is a part of new school dance. According to Ejoe Willson who is considered one of the best house dancers in NYC, it started out around 1988. It is dance for house music.

While hip-hop music is mostly listened by African Americans, house music is loved by all races and many kinds of people. It is like 70's disco music. Therefore, there was much more cultural diversity in house clubs and the house dance was established from this atmosphere.

Hispanic people who has a background of salsa or Milenge, Africans who do african dance, brazilians who do capoeira - afro brazilian martial arts, b-boys, hip-hop dancers, Jazz dancers, tap dancers, all these people created house dance in NY. Capoeira has influenced house dance a lot.

In house dance, music controls your body while in hip-hop, you control your body to the beat. This means that house dance is more free style than hip hop and its emphasis is on footwork.

See Also Breakdancing, B-Boying, New School, Capoeira, Be Bop, Locking and Popping.