In Bicycle terms:
The rate (RPM or revolutions per minute) at which your legs turn the pedals on your crankarms. The rate at which your turn is merely determined by your cycling style (or vice versa) as well as your physical conditioning.

10 to 40 RPM - You are too slow. Either speed up or shift down. (How can you move?)

40 to 70 RPM - You're either climbing a large mountain or you love big gears on flats.

70 to 90 RPM - This is the ideal (everyday cyclist) cadence to ride by whether on flats or up hills.

90 to 120 RPM - Either you don't know how to ride a bike or you're in great shape when you're pushing this cadence on a 53T x 11T.

120 RPM + - You are probably riding a fixed-gear bicycle and a Curt Harnett wannabe.