Here's a compilation of some serious thinking that have occurred over a long period of time within and without relationships:

"It would be stupid not to rationalize all the flaws the other person has. But the best part is when you start to accept them in order to continue loving the person."

"When your partner is questioning your character, and does so many times throughout, the relationship is in deep sh!t."

"Flaws are usually easier to rationalize than the positive characteristics. I don't know about you, but when the relationship is flailing, I think about the flaws (in her and myself). When the relationship is good, I don't think, I just enjoy and be."

"I'm just so lucky that she's so damn sexy!"

"Anyone who asks to see their private life (private life meaning any thoughts or anything else that have no relevance to the other person) is asking for trouble. The other person should just leave it alone."

"Acceptance means to love, and to love means to accept."

"Never assume anything."

"If you are confused, that means you're trying."

(updated frequently)