Happy Anniversary

Just slightly over the one-year anniversary of living together, my girl from Maine has finally decided to move further into her career as a Riding Instructor. She is now doing what she loves, and I am so glad to be seeing this. She also has a new 1986 Monte Carlo which was bought from a man whose father had passed away just last year. We travelled all the way to Port Colborne to see it. It was a great journey

These past few months have been the most character building months, and there will be more to follow. Now being self-employed has its great challenges. Persistence, perseverence and patience are the words to hold dear.

Some of the things that have happened:

  • My girl had a short encounter with her ex-boyfriend online. It seems that most demons come at a time when least expected. He was clueless about what he had done. This seems to be a theme with ex's.

  • Headed off to Maine once again in Christmas time. (Yeah, so what if I'm writing about it now.) It was still a memorable and worthwhile time to spend with quality people.

  • I started my second business as a web developer and I'm starting to build networks of people who have talent and skills to round out some services. Team-building is one of those skills I need to refine.

  • We are down to 5 cats from the 7 we had.

  • The Interbiz Business is solidifying. I am building my second organization.

  • Success is success is success! I am the local Chapter Director for SVTOA.