Well, it's been about one full year since you've come to Toronto. And I wonder now how you're enjoying it? Do you even remember who brought you here, and what the plan was suppose to be?
It's funny how you make a commitment for six years, and then decide in the last minute that you want no part of it any longer, especially without mutual agreement. I guess some people just quit on people without any respect. If someone quits like that, the person will quit anything they do.

It's a pity that you won't be able to share in the experiences of success with me. You had your chance.

You realize that you've put all of this on yourself, right? When things could have been made easier, you chose intstead to go the more difficult route.

You will only know of your job and your fairweather friends. You will only know of how to pay the next bill. And in all that fear, you've already succumbed to the thinking of being trapped. Your thoughts haven't changed as I see your evidence. You play the victim well.

Try to escape from being a 95%er. I dare you. (I kind of hope you do since I would not even wish this kind of punishment even on my worst enemies.)

One day, you will realize the truth. I'll give you a hint:

Everything you know is WRONG.