7:30am EST
I feel a bit off since last night, not having talked to her when she said that she'd phone. Instead, she went out with a whole bunch of guy friends to some commoner bar. Talk about burning in the brain jealousy, two of the guys are after her. I know she tells me that she's not attracted to any one of them.

Thank god!

But one thinks he can get away with rumaging through her private things, and the other believes we will probably break-up again.

That does not help the situation!

I hate them. (I don't usually hate people.) I hate them for thinking like that. Leave my Love alone! She's not for you! We will be married soon, and that will be that! So don't even try anything if you're reading this! You can't beat true love!

Then, another thought entered my mind. Dammit! Too bad it wasn't a dream. I wished so hard that it was.

8:30 am EST
I'm at the dining table with my mom explaining to her my encounter with vandalism last night. The dent in my car is making me sick while I eat a coconut tart. I bitch about people who takes the satisfaction out of owning a car. She surmises there must be something mentally wrong with people who can be so jealous about a good looking car, they are willing to have them damaged or destroyed. In any case, cars cost money. And when they get damaged, cars cost even more.

Life for me is beginning to suck again. I was wondering when it would catch up to me.

4:00pm EST
I called my insurance guy about the big dent. He said that it wouldn't affect my premiums if it wasn't my fault. And well, it wasn't. But I'd have to pay the deductible to get the dent out. Dammit! I even tried to match the bumper of the car next to me to see if that was the culprit. The evidence is inconclusive. I need to do a paint-composition match test. Conclusive results will get forgo my deductible payment! Is this going a little extreme? I think not!